PM Addresses nation on current Corona Virus limitations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed the nation on current restrictions announced to prevent the spread of COVID-19  

Here are the key points from this morning’s press conference. 

Schools to remain open for now. 

The only reason kids should not go to school is if they are sick and unwell. “The virus operates very differently amongst younger people. In terms of health and welfare of children – we are obviously concerned as parents, however I’m happy to follow the medical advice to keep schools open for now.”

Total Travel Ban for up to 6 months. 

Australians have been advised NOT to travel internationally. Although domestic travel is still allowed, the travel ban was upgraded to a ‘level 4’ for the first time in history. The travel industry is expected to be affected greatly – with the Government providing stimulus packages for affected industries. 

Indoor Gatherings of more than 100 people for 6 months are banned. 

Events, places of worship, clubs, and social gatherings with more than 100 people will be cancelled or postponed, affecting “Australia’s way of life”. This will be implemented for up to 6 months at this point in time. 

Aged Care restrictions 

Further restrictions on Aged Care visits have been applied, including a ban on visits from anyone under the age of 18, no visits from school groups or other community organisations, and anyone without a flu vaccination from May will not be able to visit. 

There are limitations on current visitation circumstances including a limit to only 2 people per visit, no access to communal areas, and all visits to be conducted outdoors. 

Be aware of misinformation. 

It is important to refer to credible government sources and avoid misinformation. Many sources are providing inaccurate information which is causing panic and disruption. Check your sources, and be aware that The Department of Health and other Government departments are your best source of accurate, updated information.

You can access here:


There will be no lockdown

According to medical experts, “A two week lockdown will do nothing”. A lockdown is “not medically effective” for the current circumstances Australia’s experiencing. A sustainable and scalable long term approach has been advised to tackle the ongoing spread of COVID-19. 

According to the Prime Minister, any measure that is put in place “we will have to live with for 6 months”. Experts have advised that a lockdown will do nothing apart from put the economy at risk. “We put tens of thousands of jobs at risk if we implement a lockdown.”

Nursing + emergency service students to be fast tracked.

Changes to work restraints in Healthcare may mean up to 20,000 nursing and other emergency service students due to graduate will have study fast tracked over the next 6 months. 

Currently NOT affected:

  • Transport – buses, taxis
  • Domestic travel
  • Police Stations & Emergency Services
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres


The above information provided is general in nature and does not constitute specific or legal advice. Information on COVID-19 is changing frequently and so updated health websites should be relied upon. During these difficult and uncertain times, we are simply reaching out to let you know we are here for you. If there is any information you require you can contact us via;


We will continue to update you with any changes, updates and information.