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90 day Culture Score

Get an accurate snapshot of your business. The FREE Culture IQ Assessment will help you get clear on the blind spots in your business that are preventing profitability and productivity.

6 Week Management Acceleration Program

The BespokeHR Management Acceleration Program will show you how to step up during challenging times, balance company requirements with team member expectations and achieve greater levels of performance and productivity.

The Culture Experiment

The Culture Experiment is specifically designed to take the overwhelm out of the equation when it comes to something as big as entirely transforming an organisation’s culture. We’ll guide you through 3 critical steps you can implement in less than 5 days with your team, to start seeing immediate results within your team.

90 day Culture Accelerator

The 90 Day Culture Accelerator is an immersive, self-paced 12 step digital program designed to help you build a powerful culture in less than 90 days.


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Resources to help you attract the perfect people


Resources to help you manage your people

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About Paulette & Bespokehr

My name is Paulette Kolarz, Im the Founder and Director of BespokeHR. For the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow and thrive while solving their biggest HR headaches, challenges and restraints.

Over this time, I’ve witnessed poorly managed (or executed) people issues destroy businesses, friendships, marriages and families. It’s our mission to avoid businesses having to go through this. We want to help you sleep better at night and get you back to running your businesses by helping create great places to  work, high performing teams, leaders and managers that people want to work for, and compliant, productive and profitable workplaces. We believe, better workplaces lead to better lives lead to better communities.

Whether you are facing an urgent issue today or want the processes and skills in place to place to protect your tomorrow, BespokeHR are here to help you upgrade your people power.

Paulette Kolarz

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Paulette Kolarz

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