Paulette Kolarz

Director, BespokeHR


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Upgrade your people power

Answering 5 simple questions is all it takes:

  • Zero-in on what your employee cares about that will get them up in the morning, excited to contribute!
  • Get clarity on the ideal development outcome over a 3-year horizon
  • Map concrete action steps for yearly goals, quarterly executions, focus areas, 90-day sprints and more
  • Give your team confidence of knowing they're working towards a professional future that's well planned

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"Take your team through this simple, but highly effective career planning exercise. You'll be surprised how valuable your employees will find creating a vision and a solid plan for their 3 year development. Best of all, you're encouraging 3 years of loyalty at the same time!"

- Paulette Kolarz, Director, BespokeHR