5 handy hiring hacks

Finding the right fit for your team can be a lengthy and time-consuming process – but it doesn’t have to be.

Several options are available to make your recruitment process easier and quicker – without sacrificing any of the quality.

In a recent Forbes article, Colin Day shares data from the Robert Half HR consulting firm. Their study reports that “supervisors on average spend 17% of their time – nearly one day per week – managing poor performing employees”.

In other words, hiring and retaining all-star staff is a critical function for any company.

From my years in HR and business, I’ve discovered and observed ways that leaders can recruit better and faster. I’ve watched their companies flourish and the people they hire do incredible things.

With those gems in mind, I created a list of 5 handy hiring hacks. These tips will ensure that you hire the very best for your team without losing precious time.

Handy Hiring Hack #1: Implement a HR system

An organised system for HR projects and processes – especially recruiting – is a great time-saver and stress-saver.

Rather than scrambling for papers or trying to remember a stand-out candidate from 6 months ago, keep an organised system for everything HR.

You can do this electronically through organised folders on your drive, in a physical filing bin, or via an online platform. A HR system will help keep all of your paperwork organised and easily accessible.

Give me a call today if you want my thoughts on the best HR platform.

Handy Hiring Hack #2: Maintain ongoing referral programs

Develop an ongoing referral program where your clients and staff are recruiting and referring quality people to your company.

This is a perfect way to continually engage with great new talent. You don’t need to have an open position to keep it running, either.

Design a simple referral program document (even one page will do) and circulate it through your organisation. Offer incentives for referring talent, if you can. If not, use goodwill motivation to encourage employees to recommend top talent to the team.

Your employees are likely to recommend people that match your culture, and they can speak about the company better than anyone else.

Handy Hiring Hack #3: Develop a talent pipeline

One of the most effective and under-utilised tools in recruiting is building a talent pipeline.

When you recruit for a position, use any qualified applicants to build a pool of top-notch candidates that can be called upon later when other positions open up.

Keep conversations going by staying in touch with your talent pool. Set-up reminders on your calendar to contact top-notch candidates every few months.

Once a new position is open, you’ll have a great head start on filling it!

Handy Hiring Hack #4: Utilise video interviewing tools

With video interview tools, like Skype or HireVue, you can speed up and improve your hiring process. Rather than waiting to schedule an in-person interview, you can easily connect face-to-face online.

Not only does video interviewing speed things up, it quickly creates a bond with the candidate too. They’ll feel more connected with you than they would through email or phone.

Alternatively you can use other video tools that will send the candidate a link to 5 or so questions that can be tailored and they can answer them in the privacy of their home at any time.

This is great for positions that are particularly difficult to organise a time to leave for an interview during the day or where multiple people are involved in the selection decision as it avoids asking the same question twice.

Ask us about what we use.

Handy Hiring Hack #5: Develop standardised forms and tools

Make the hiring process easy on yourself.

Develop standard documents to lead you through the process. These include standardised interview questions (which can be tweaked for certain positions), email libraries (i.e. responses to candidates, confirmation emails for interviews), and a basic outline of your recruitment process.

Clearly documented, easily accessible tools make the recruitment process simple and smooth.

To learn about other ways to save time on HR functions, check out this month’s free tool, ‘The HR Time Drain’ and find out how much time you’re really spending on common HR tasks. It’ll give you a starting point on where you can save time.

Download: The HR Time Drain Calculator

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