What leaders should prepare for in 2022…

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Can you believe we have all survived yet another crazy year? Whew! With all the ups and downs, people need effective leaders now more than ever.

The last thing we need is a new puzzle to solve when it comes to leadership problems and trends we’ll face in 2022. 

What are you doing to ensure that you and your company flourish over the next five years?

Here are six ways you can prepare as a leader for the new year ahead. 

1. Re-establish relationships

In 2021, we moved from hour-long in-person meetings to a shortened half-hour Zoom meeting — and virtual everything. 

Leaders are encouraged to be more proactive in establishing opportunities for deeper connections within their organisations in 2022, or risk employees becoming more isolated. 

In order for employees to feel more connected, organisations must encourage a culture of listening, understanding, and inspiration. Schedule some time with your team to check in and where possible, have some time together in-person.

2. Upscale your resources

The team you have will become the team you think you need to hire new for. 

In order to fill the roles with the next best candidate, organisations will begin to focus on internal mobility, reskilling and upskilling existing staff first

Some organisations are increasing their training, development, coaching, and mentorship programs and establishing more on-the-job learning opportunities to fulfill their reskilling goals, while others are investing in new technology, applications, online tools, and CRM  to assist in developing their careers.

3. The era of reinvention

For 2022, change will be a source of opportunity, as we’ve become accustomed to ever-evolving change in 2020 and 2021.

Organisations have changed what they do and how they work because they had to in the last two years without any thought or preparation for the future. 

However, there is an upside to this disruption. Business owners that can harness their employee’s agility and flexibility would be able to reinvent themselves for a new era, finding answers to shortages, digital acceleration, and market demands.

4. Increase in accountability

Employees and managers are taking on more responsibility.

Leaders know that as hybrid working becomes more common in the industry, they will need to commit more time in 2022 to developing new working cultures to match. 

Welcome to a future where frequent check-ins and ongoing feedback are the norms, and where collaborative staff are most likely to succeed.

5. Workplace diversity will continue to rise

Leaders have always managed the complexities that arise when multiple generations of employees work within the same team. 

With the decline of age-based status, it is assumed that leadership will be taken by the best person for the job, and in an agile setting, despite age or years of experience. 

Organisations must be innovative in encouraging multigenerational engagement and collaboration and make sure that everyone participates in building the company’s vision.

6. Focus on strengthening client-customer relationships

The pandemic has altered the way people work and navigate their daily lives. 

Customers’ priorities have also changed. As a result, connecting with your clients and customers about their wants and problems, as well as what they anticipate and expect from you and your company could be a beneficial move for you as a business leader. 

Encourage open communication and transparency with their current issues and reach out. It’s no longer enough to provide an “excellent customer experience” — it should be personalised and welcoming.

Remember, leadership can be learned. By showing the resilience you have during these tough times, you will eventually radiate that energy to your team and influence that power. 

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