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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are spending all of your time on non-productive people issues? Don’t worry, we can help. How much time and money do you think people issues are costing your company? Below is a guide. Or use our HR Time Calculator to provide an indicative personalised amount for you.

No time. Our HR calculator predicts a minimum cost $60k /year spent on unproductive people issues and a minimum of $80k of higher returning areas not being focused on. Time to focus on areas that will deliver a higher ROI.
Can’t attract the right people. Cost of a wrong hire can cost between $20-$100k+ PER individual. Be known as a great place to work.
Staff not performing, productive or not taking any accountability or responsibility. The average difference between a top performer and bottom performer can be significant. In operational/procedures roles this can be a minimum of 2 times better output. In creative roles, this can be 10 times. Performing and results focused staff.
Team not working together efficiently or effectively. We estimate poor communication, doubling up, and red tape can cost a minimum of 20% in role productivity. What could each individual team member do with an extra 20% in their week. High performing teams that support each other.
Pain, stress and cost of non-compliance (policies/ employee documentation and legislative requirements) or not sure if compliant. Depending on the matter it could vary between $5000 – $3,000,000. Compliant and stress free.
People keep leaving. The number one reason people leave an organisation is due to their direct manager. Effective leadership training can improve productivity and retention which can ultimately impact your bottom line between $50-$500,000 per person. People want to work for your business and you have leaders that people want to work for.
Don’t know how to grow. If you do not recruit positions in the right order or don’t recruit in time you can end up burning people out or not having the right skills to grow or not generate enough revenue/ cash flow to support your new roles – $ varies. Have a planned growth strategy.
Stressed, can’t sleep or
hate coming to work.
Priceless. Peace of mind and excited about the future.
Don’t have skills to navigate through complex people issues or address staff conduct issues. Yes there is lots of information on line but that takes your TIME. You can also collaborate with other business but need to make sure you don’t bind yourself to things that you are not doing or is relevant to your industry. How much time could you spend researching an area that you don’t know about? And if it is wrong – the costs could have significant legal ramifications. Access to tools, resources and expertise to save you time and additional cost.
Scared to recruit or cant find the right people. Recruitment cost for 1 x $50k role is estimated at minimum of $15k (recruitment costs, time, loss of productivity). Increase confidence about appointing people who fit your culture.
Don’t know how to onboard employees properly. High employee turnover = waisted time recruiting/inducting/onboarding and managing plus loss of productivity. Make new employees raving advocates for your business.
Bullying or stress issues. Each potential bullying and/or harassment allegations can cost between $25-50K+ (including investigation time, costs, downtime). Open feedback enjoyable place to work.
Staff not happy, motivated or engaged Gallups model – 1 in 3 employees are dissatisfied. Costs of dissatisfaction on productivity is estimated at $3,400 for every $10k of salary (eg $50k salary = that’s $17k/person). Staff passionate about the company and feel connected.

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What’s it like to work with BespokeHR?

  • "You can probably muddle through it yourself, but if you get it wrong it could cost you a lot of money."

    "Choosing to use BespokeHR is like choosing to use an external Accountant or Bookkeeper for the first time… you can probably muddle through it yourself but if you get it wrong, it could cost you a lot of money."

    Brett Schatto CEO, Pride Advice
  • "Feedback from my management team exceeded my expectations!"

    "Bespoke HR designed and ran a tailored leadership development program for our store managers. The aim of the program was to maximise their potential and give them the confidence to lead a high performing team as Edible Blooms continues to experience fast paced growth. Results and feedback from my management team exceeded my expectations! I would recommend Bespoke HR to other organisations who wish to invest in and propel their leadership team forward."

    Kelly Jamieson Founder, Edible Blooms Pty Ltd
  • "Right from the start Paulette just had that presence."

    "Right from the start Paulette just had that presence, found her to be very inspiring and motivational and we couldn’t wait for her to weave her magic with our businesses and team. Follow up, preparation, ideas and really taking time to know our businesses, our team and us made the difference. We are now all inspired to implement our new ideas, procedures and practices we brainstormed with her and the team over the past few days. The assessments were a real eye opener for all of us, with the analysis extremely important and a wonderful grounding to implement new ideas and structures. Looking forward to our continued relationship with BespokeHR and particularly Paulette to further advance our businesses as a whole."

    Kym Brown Owner, Getaways
  • "Informed and practical. Professional yet empathetic."

    "BespokeHR's advice has been well informed and practical. Paulette is professional yet empathetic. Her technical and moral support in managing HR issues has helped us meet our employment obligations while protecting our organisational culture. I recommend BespokeHR to you."

    Tim Hughes CEO, Hughes PR
  • "The best possible chance of performance improvement..."

    "I engaged Paulette to provide sales training to one of my clients. I was impressed by her commitment to understanding the client's business prior to finalising the training agenda. Throughout the training Paulette consistently related the key theories and processes to my client's business. This helped them integrate the course content into their daily mode of operation, which gave the best possible chance of performance improvement."

    Colette Smith Director, Revenue By Design
  • "A one-stop shop for all your people requirements."

    "The great thing about BespokeHR is that they provide a one stop shop for all your people requirements and are naturally experienced and thinking of all the other people elements for you (before you are)… Paulette has a high care factor for the business she is working with and has a good understanding of cultural fit and the ability to read what the business requirements actually are in order to recommend the best and most practical solution for your business."

    David Clark CEO, Ed Harry Specialty Men's Apparel
  • "Helping NAB develop & retain Rising Stars for over 3 years."

    “We are proud of our association with BespokeHR, Paulette has been working with us for the last 3 years on a specialised program to help us develop & retain our Rising Stars.”

    Ann-Marie Chamberlain General Manager, NAB
  • "We have secured first class employees through BespokeHR. " “Bespoke is consummately professional and we get what we pay for. We have secured fist class employees through BespokeHR and hopefully through ongoing middle management and other training we will improve staff well-being and job satisfaction, which in turn improves business outcomes and the retention of quality staff.”

    Noel Mifsud CEO, Christian Brothers College

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