Seven easy ways to bring innovation and new thinking to your business

It seems easy to say “Hey! We want to innovate,” but sometimes it can feel as daunting as jumping off a cliff and building an aeroplane along the way before you hit the ground. 

Innovation does not need to be overwhelmingly difficult or scary. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul or take big unnecessary risks to start fostering an innovative mindset across your business. 

It may be trying something different when it comes to a process, plan or procedure. It may be building a minimum viable product (MVP) for less than $100 and testing it with your customers for feedback. 

This week, we’ll share how to cultivate innovation in your business and intentionally let go of the ‘way things are’ and embrace ‘the way they could be’. 

1. Take the lead and role model innovation 

As a leader, your team will follow your lead through your actions and attitude to innovation. 

How you model dealing with failure, setbacks, and navigating the unknown will determine how your team takes to applying innovation in your business. 

When you actively encourage innovation across your business, it allows staff permission to do so as well. 

2. Encourage Brainstorming

Provide a judgment-free, regular opportunity to brainstorm and generate ideas as a group or team.

You can access our ‘tool of the month’ which provides a comprehensive guide on how to run an innovation workshop with your team. 

3. Keep track of the ideas you generate

Have adequate documentation for capturing brainstorming sessions. This may take the form of notes, a mud map or a collaborative cloud folder that staff can regularly add to. 

The important thing is to have it written down and in a format that you can easily refer back to. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a brilliant idea and then forgetting it!

4. Keep yourself updated

Read, read and read some more. Or YouTube… or skillshare, or research, or listen to podcasts.  

Whatever medium is your go-to place for information, the important thing is to ensure you always have your finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and the latest innovations. 

Knowledge is power. In an information-saturated world, seek credible sources to stay updated with things that may impact your industry or business. 

The US is often a few months ahead of Australia when it comes to innovation. By keeping your eyes open to global trends that may still be making their way to Australia, you can apply what’s already working in other areas of the world, with less risk. 

5. Talk to thought leaders

One powerful tool in innovation is influence. Whenever you hit a brick wall or feel overwhelmed, it’s good to speak to leaders who may have experienced a similar learning curve, however, have had success with it. 

Be open to reaching out for guidance, ideas, and also their experiences on how they handled pressure and problems along the innovative pathway.

6. Listen to your customers

Learn the language of your market. One way to learn is from your customers. 

Establish a regular review or feedback process for your products and services. 

Identify what your customers want and engage with your team on how you can reform and improve your current systems and products. 

7. Allow your staff to take informed risks AND make mistakes

Muhammad Ali once said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

How well you handle failure will determine how mentally equipped you feel to take on new challenges. 

When you pass through the overwhelming fear of failure and understand the benefits of taking more risks, the more comfortable you will feel with doing things differently. It’s time to reveal your inner power to do great things!

With the confidence and vision to realise that change is needed, your best resources for ideas will be your people. Whatever your approach is, embracing innovation into your culture will be solid practice for your team. 

Building a workplace that encourages the brainstorming and implementation of new ideas will pay off in dividends when it comes to employee engagement, business growth, and profitability.


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