Six Secret Leadership Traits Killing Your Culture… Are You Guilty Of This?

They say you can’t have a great business without great leaders.

Those who are at the top can strengthen a team and lead them to the greatest of wins, pursuits and accomplishments, or they can rip apart a great team to talent.

Here are six key leadership traits that could be impacting on your business. Are you guilty of any of these? If you are, don’t worry – there are simple ways you can begin to overcome it and build on your leadership skill set.

1. I know everything – you never show vulnerability.

When you don’t show staff vulnerability, it can make them feel they can’t show theirs. If you’re looking for an open feedback culture, where staff come to you to share honestly and candidly, they will be hesitant if vulnerability is either non-existent in your workplace, or frowned upon .

2. You’re not approachable.

You may think your staff could approach you, and assume they know that.

However, you could be sending out messages that say otherwise, through your body language, your non-verbal communication (85% of communication is non-verbal), you may have no time in your diary, or it could be when people do come to you, you just slam them down.

3. You don’t like conflict.

Not everyone loves conflict, but as a leader it’s your role to sort through it. Avoiding it, thinking it will go away or putting your head in the sand will just end up frustrating your team and ultimately not ever resolving the issue at play.

It also means you need to take radical responsibility for any problems that arise in your business. This is what makes a great leader.

4. You tend to be indecisive.

You don’t take action, so it’s great to think about things and not rush decisions but at some point you need to be able to make a decision and stand by it and same with purposeful action.

If you’re one of those people that are great at looking at doing lots of different things, but not making a decision on something, try putting some time frames and deadlines in around actually forcing yourself to come up with an answer.

5. You ignore valuable feedback.

You ignore feedback from your customers, from your team members, from your managers.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to hear feedback, then you’re never really going to push yourself outside of your comfort zone or address some great opportunities to make some improvements to yourself or to your business.

6. You’re all talk, no action.

You’re great at talking the talk, great at telling people what you’re going to do but never actually do it. Keeping your word is something that develops strong,  reliable leadership within organisations.  Not doing what you say you do might be because you’re out of time.

Look at how you’re planning your time or make less promises, so really be conscious of the quality of what you say and deliver on what you say you’re going to do each and every time.

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