List for Living….what would yours look like?

After a year that has already started with some early tragedies around the world and closer to home and with one of my young coaching clients asking me what lessons I would pass on to my 18 year old Read more

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7 Biggest Small to Medium sized businesses’ (SME’s) headaches when it comes to people!

Do you feel like you are spending all of your time managing people issues rather than running your business? Are you sick of losing the people you want to keep and keeping the people you want to lose? Are Read more

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11 things to do BEFORE you think about Recruitment

Effective Recruitment starts way before you think about promoting a vacancy! If you are possibly thinking of recruiting this year, here are 11 checklist points to start on now to help get you better prepared. Just like any Read more

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Reference Checks – How important are they? Tips for employers and candidates

How important are Reference Checks? Do we actually need to do them? Let me answer this straight away. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! And yet in my experience, over 60% of the small/medium size business I would speak to don’t do them. Read more

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10 Tips on how to hire the right person for your organisation?

Welcome to my series of weekly blogs to help answer some queries you may have in relation to hiring, managing and developing your team.

The first 3 will be focused on Recruitment.

So… you want to grow your team Read more

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