Ten simple things to say that will make you a better manager — an infographic

Communication is key when it comes to being a great manager. The simplest of interactions and conversations have the power to empower and engage your team, and they don’t take a lot of time or money to implement. 

Saying these things during ‘moments that matter’, can have a powerful effect.

Here are 10 things you can immediately employ in your conversations with your team members that have the ability to make a meaningful impact. 

1. “I’m so grateful for….”

Gratitude is scientifically proven to increase wellbeing, happiness, and a sense of purpose. How can you effectively cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ within your team? By practicing it!

You can share something you’re grateful for in general, or something you’re grateful for about your team or individuals.

2. “Thank you for doing…”

Communicating examples of something your team has done is easily impactful by recognising their efforts and saying thank you. 

Giving thanks has been proven to be equally, if not more effective and powerful in staff retention than pay increases and salary benefits.

3. “I really value your…”

Team members need to know they are valued. Think of a specific and concrete example of something you value about them, whether it’s a piece of work they delivered, or an attribute.

4. “It’s important to me that you feel…”

How do you want your staff to feel? Communicating how important that is can help your team know you are on their side and want the best for them. An example of this may be — “It’s important to me that you feel safe, valued and respected every day you come to work”.

5. “We’re all in this together.”

Developing a sense of belonging and teamwork is what great managers do best. Simply stating that you’re all working together on a common goal and demonstrating this can create thriving, high performing teams.

6. “I won’t let you fail…” or “It’s okay to make mistakes — everyone’s human!”

This can be interpreted a few different ways and also expressed in different ways, but it’s basically communicating — “No matter what happens, I’ll have your back and support you”.

7. “What support or resources do you need from me?”

Asking what your team needs directly from you can help keep communication open and for you to explicitly know how to show up for your team in a way that they need, not how you think or assume they need.

8. “What can I do to support your success and what does that look like?”

How does each team member define success? Not only does this make your team feel that their success matters, it also helps you to understand how their versions of success align with the business’ idea of success.

9. “How are you going? Are you okay?”

The mental health and wellbeing of your team is fundamental on so many levels. 

Every September, we ask “Are you okay?”, as a part of RUOK Day, however it is important to regularly check in, and create a safe environment for your team every day. 

If one of your team members seems a bit ‘off’, ask them how they are.

10. “How’s the family / partner / dog?”

Who are the important people in your team members’ lives? Showing interest in the people that matter to them can create a sense of connection and community, and shows that things that are important to them matters to you too.