The future of HR & Hiring – what you need to know about hiring talent in 2025

With rapidly changing technology, leadership requirements and the need for upskilling in new industries over the next decade, what role with HR play in the future, and what will this mean for you as a business owner?

1. The Meaningful Maker

HR Professionals will be putting meaning back into work, and therefore focus on turning  the employee experience into a human experience. They will need to re-engage the workforce’s motivation, and redefine the role humans will play in the workforce over machinery.

2. The Tech Connector

As we start to see more introduction to tools in the workforce that will automate a lot of current job roles, HR professionals will oversee the facilitation of an integration process – where machines and tools are used as a mechanism to enhance and assist human potential.

3. The Learning Facilitator

According to Deloitte, a survey of 10,000+ respondents 86% rated changing the way people learn as being extremely important. HR will be responsible for assisting the workforce to consume educational information consciously and in a way that cultivates critical skills required for the future.

4. The Matchmaker

In 2019, HR offices have become a lot more streamlined and clean, based on the evolution of using cloud based systems to file and organise. 

However according to Deloitte Insights, HR professionals can further streamline and advance their processes through the use of AI systems.

By using these systems, HR professionals will become professional matchmakers between organisations and talent, with a greater pool of global talent, and better defined compatibility between candidate and role. 

5. The Upskiller

In recent surveys by Deloitte, Employers indicated that they would be more in favour of upskilling current employees, than hiring new talent. 

To fulfil this need, HR professionals will need to focus on providing learning opportunities and programs for pre-existing workforces.

As business owners, it is important to either keep informed about our roles and responsibilities as a leader and/or manager, or ensure you have HR support to navigate these rapid changes. 

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