The six areas to focus on to level up your management in less than six weeks

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been learning about the multitude of challenges managers face on a day to day basis. 

The Bespoke HR team of highly experienced consultants have developed a six-phase approach to levelling up leadership when it comes to management and the foundations required to be an exceptional manager. 

1. Creating possibilities 

Learning ways for you and your team to think outside the box can help not only determine how your team faces problems, but how to continually review your business, processes and opportunities to respond to market conditions. 

Pivoting within your business, products or services is a skill that can be learnt and developed.

2. Develop razor sharp focus for your team 

Understanding clearly what is critical and what will deliver results is fundamental to your overall success. 

This includes being able to make decisions quickly and ensuring that you have the right plan in place that your team are on board with.

3. Build in accountability mechanisms 

Review the required standards, values and measures of success in order to build accountability and connection to them. 

How well do you understand your company’s mission, required outputs and how you and your team want to achieve them?

4. Establish open feedback and communication 

Provide an environment where everyone feels safe to provide feedback, share how they are feeling and not be deterred to offer new ideas or suggest improvements.

5. Humanise performance reviews

Understand how to develop your approach and commence a performance improvement process that empowers your team and is compliant. 

This can be the difference between retaining and nurturing a team member’s potential, and disengagement.

6. Motivate and inspire your team  

Keeping yourself motivated and finding consistent rhythms around rewarding and recognising your team is critical to building connectivity, trust and a positive workplace environment. 

Also critical to this is understanding when you or your team are demotivated or flat and what you can do to turn this around.


The six week Management Essentials online course covers these six areas, designed to level up your leadership and provide tactical strategies, blueprints and step-by-step process to implement into your management approach. 



The Six Week Digital Management Essentials Program 

Manage powerfully through uncertain times 

As a manager, the BespokeHR Management Acceleration Program will show you how to step up during challenging times, balance company requirements with team member expectations and achieve greater levels of performance and productivity.

Building your management muscles properly will determine your level of success with your team.

This means being really comfortable with the foundations of management and building not only the core skills but the routines and habits around them to have meaningful and effective communication with your team.