Tips for dealing with anxiousness

Hi Bespokers,

During this time of uncertainty, many have been left without income, jobs, and high levels of stress due to circumstances beyond control

We have heard many clients have been inundated with making stressful decisions, changing plans almost hourly and dealing with devastating levels of loss.

Naturally, anxiety levels have increased – with some business owners experiencing mental health challenges for the first time in their lives.


Here are some helpful tips to assist in managing your anxiety during this time.

1. Stop. Breathe. Regulate your nervous system.

Use the power of your body to ground yourself, reconnect and become aware of any body sensations that are indicating anxiety.

When the brain perceives a threat, the body will follow with increased heart rate, racing thoughts, increased perspiration, and a basic preparation for you to fight or flee.

Observe your own fight-or-flight response when making big decisions – are you trying to cling on and white knuckle situations, or run in the opposite direction? Being aware of your response will assist you in grounding yourself and making clear decisions that aren’t influenced by an anxiety response.

Inhale deeply through your nose for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 4 seconds and then exhale through your mouth. Repeat this for 5-10 times to regulate the body and switch into a state of relaxation.

2. Expand your internal locus of control.

An Internal Locus of Control refers to the perception of having things in your control based on your own actions, behaviours and mindset.

During a time where there is a vast amount beyond the control of your own actions, focus on developing a strong internal core and knowing of what’s within your control.

Write a list of the things you can currently control.

3. Don’t put additional pressure to “get things done”.

Right now, we need to all slow down. With pressure to keep businesses running, wages to pay, with no customers coming in the door – it is only natural to want to speed up and react to the situation.

However, take time in your everyday routine to get some space, slow down and be mindful of the global circumstances.

Now is not the time to add to your to-do list or start a new project. It is also not the time to roll out your annual plan or 90 day objectives.

Use this time to reflect, gently observe opportunities to improve processes at a later date and give yourself the space to address any high priority requirements.

4. Remain flexible

With many changes and disruptions happening almost hourly, it is important to maintain your level of flexibility and ability to adapt to change.

Not everyone on your team may have the same level of adaptability, so it’s important to also support others around you who may be feeling anxiety and resistance to change.

5. Seek professional advice

During this time, Psychologists and mental health professionals have been considered as an essential service.

Many psychologists are keeping their doors open during this time of need, and can also offer remote / Skype sessions.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of mental health challenges, reach out and book a time to chat through your challenges with a professional.


Some useful resources & apps

We acknowledge the seriousness and devastation businesses are going through right now, so please take these tips as some gentle reminders and reinforcement of our support for you right now over advice on what you “should” do. Every circumstance is different and we hope this provides some comfort in knowing we are here for you during this time.