Tips to switch off

Today life buzzes around us at the pace of a formula 1 race car.

It can make our responsibilities and expectations feel so steep, that we can barely see over them.

Are you working tirelessly, but not gaining much distance? Need to catch a break, but aren’t sure how or when?

It’s like Brigid Schulte wrote in her New York Times bestseller Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time;

“Somewhere around the end of the twentieth century, busyness became not just a way of life but a badge of honour. And life, sociologists say, became an exhausting everydayathon.”

Well, I’m here to tell you, that continuing this pattern isn’t the only way. There are simple, satisfying, and even quick ways to switch off, de-stress, and restore balance.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about how to keep a better-balanced life. I have a long way to go, for sure, but I want to share what I’ve learned so far.

12 ways to switch off and give yourself a healthy break

Some are so easy, you can do them right now at your desk.

1. Stretch
Taking brief intervals throughout the day to stretch your body and clear your mind will relieve built-up tension. Stretching can take as little as 2 minutes. Reach your arms above your head, inhaling deeply. Roll your head side to side to relieve tension in your neck. Do whatever feels good.

2. Meditate 
Meditating can take different forms, from sitting in silence to using a particular method. Apps like Headspace will take you through guided exercises. Or, you can try something simple, like sitting upright, closing your eyes, and smiling. Try it – it works!

3. Detox digitally
Last week we talked about ‘Time for a digital detox.’ Implementing a detox might be the perfect way for you to re-balance your time and gain peace of mind.

4. Keep a book on-hand
I find it easy to choose a book over TV or social media, but only when I have one ready and at my disposal. Pick one up from your library or order one online. Relax at night by reading a book rather than checking your work email.

5. Get moving
Partner up with an office-mate or take time by yourself. Walking for just 15 minutes offers a change in environment and a break from the craziness.

6. Play music
Listening to an upbeat song can alter the trajectory of your entire day. Turn on your favourite tunes during your commute, walk break, or while making dinner.

7. Be in nature
Even if it’s a brief trek or bringing lunch to the park, spending time in the great outdoors will help you separate from the busy world.

8. Set time limits
Time can elude us. We intend to work until 6, and somehow it’s 7:30 before we leave the office. Set time goals for work and chores. Gift yourself extra time to do what refreshes you.

9. Get a massage 
Ok, so you may not have the time or money for a one-hour massage at the spa. That’s alright! Ask a friend or partner to pair up with you and exchange massages. You will feel refreshed in no time.

10. Squeeze in a cat-nap
Short naps, between 10-25 minutes are proven to be the most effective. Brief naps can boost your energy, without taking away from how you sleep at night.

11. Don’t forget your favourites
Give yourself a little self-love by watching a favourite movie or pouring yourself a cup of lemon ginger tea. Even just a five minute phone call with your best friend can brighten your entire mood.

12. Champagne debrief!
Call on your support network for champagne debrief! It’s the best thing to get you refocused!


Business people performing yoga on floor in office


However you decide to switch off, know that it’s critical to your health, well-being, and energy levels. Only when you feel your best, will you be able to perform at your best.


Any questions?

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Thanks for sharing!