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I want to start this off with a story.===
Ronda manages a sales department at a mid-size products company. She’s worked there for 15 years and oversees various employees, projects, and systems. Known for her dedication and innovation, Ronda’s peers view her as highly capable.Ronda has a lot on her plate and one of her particularly time-consuming tasks is managing her employees’ travel expenses. Ronda spends several hours every week managing the travel spreadsheet – most of which is data entry. Realising she could spend her time on more high-impact tasks, Ronda reaches out to an analyst in the finance department. She hears the new analyst has top-notch spreadsheet skills.  After just 30 minutes, the two of them had implemented formulas and formatting which made the spreadsheet much more efficient. The new model cuts Ronda’s time on the project in half. 
===I share this story not to proclaim the greatness of spreadsheet efficiency, or the importance of hiring well in your finance department.

I share it because one of the most powerful things we can do in our work and in our lives is ask for help.

But I know – firsthand – that it can be tough to ask for help. We have our egos, our fears, and our self-imposed pressure to ‘do it all’.

Margie Warrell shares in a recent Forbes article, “Too often … we ‘tough it out’ rather than reaching out to ask for help when we need it most. Fear gets the better of us while depriving others of a chance to show they care and share their gifts. We can all do so much more together than we ever can alone.

That last line really resonates with me – I wholeheartedly believe that we can do incredible things when we do them together.

When we collaborate and use our gifts, we can achieve unprecedented results.

Some of my favourite reasons to ask for help:

Input and Feedback: 
Rather than working on an island, we can gain insight from others to advance and improve our ideas. By inviting other perspectives, the quality and well-roundedness of our work increases.

Gaining Efficiency: 
Like Ronda’s story, we can seek help from others that in turn makes us more efficient. This offers us more time to work on critical tasks while reducing workload and stress.

Balancing the Weight: 
By asking for help, you can bring balance to how work is distributed within a team, unit, or company. With that balance, everyone will feel a part of the goal and mission at-hand.

Growth Opportunity: 
Inviting someone to assist you with a project may be an excellent growth opportunity for them. Rather than hanging onto all pieces and knowledge, you are giving someone the chance to grow their skills and expertise.

A well-run company has people working to the highest level of their capabilities and degrees. Delegation ensures everyone is getting paid to spend their time on what they do best.

By not asking for help, we are limiting ourselves and those around us.

Are you pretending that you can take it all on? Even at the cost of health and the success of the work?

If we invite others to help us, we reduce our overwork and improve the performance of everyone involved.

A physician once told me, “Certainly, I can send faxes and complete forms. But that’s not what I should be doing. If the staff around me is working to their highest level, then I can do what I’m meant to do: provide exceptional medical care to patients.”

In order to work at our highest level and impact people’s lives, like this physician, we must be willing to ask for help.

To encourage new and healthy ways of working and living, I’ve put together a very special free offer this month, called ‘30 Days of You.’ I hope it gives you a renewed sense of joy and confidence in all that you do.

Have a wonderful week!

Any questions?

If you have questions on this topic or any others, feel free to reach me by email or set up a free one-on-one consultation session, or drop me a comment below.

Thanks for sharing!

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