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Everyone wants the overachievers. The ones who will shine in their roles.

These days to capture those shooting stars, your company needs to be progressive, forward thinking and on top of technology.

But navigating the recruitment waters alone can be tricky.

BespokeHR is here to safely paddle you through the waters to reach what you ultimately want: the best candidate for every position.

Do this before you start recruiting. 

Two critical elements to great recruitment are:

  1. Knowing what traits a person needs in order to be a good fit for your company.
  2. Being able to articulate what you can offer candidates.

So as I said last week, it’s important to have your ship in order before you even begin recruiting for positions.

Why? Because there’s been a major shift in how recruitment works. The days of someone looking for a job and then automatically accepting an offer are gone. Now companies need to get the right person in the right spot to say yes.

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What do business owners need to do to attract the best and brightest? 

By 2025, 75% of Gen Ys will be in the workplace.

These candidates want different things than previous generations; instead they desire:

  • To work on interesting projects
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility in their schedules

The last factor is important to young parents, both male and female. To attract this age group, companies need to offer flexibility around start and end times, lunch times, leaving to see a school performance and work from home capacity.

The Gen Y employees want access. Sharing information about the vision, direction, goals and dreams of your business is important to them.

This growing trend moves away from transactional management toward visionary leadership.

In order to attract these people who want to be the best they can be, companies need to be able to answer the question: How will you make them better tomorrow and each and every day?

Answers include:

  • Training programs
  • Investment in leaders
  • Success stories within the organisation
  • Innovative, smart projects

In addition, you can’t overlook the fact that candidates want top-of-the-line technology tools.

Antiquated systems just won’t do. 

And finally companies who move away from measuring performance through budgets and KPIs to individual output will fare better in recruitment efforts.

Designed by FreepikNow that it’s time to recruit. What makes BespokeHR different than recruitment agencies? 

BespokeHR doesn’t want to come in and just recruit for a position without knowing the business, culture and best practices.

First, we look to help you articulate who you need and why. Then we walk you through the process of finding the right person as well as managing candidates’ experiences through the process. Finally we guide companies to set up the new hire for success.

Another difference is that BespokeHR works with a company in a HR capacity.

The idea is that we become part of your team, helping grow the business as opposed to just filling a position.

Cost comparison: a recruitment agency vs. BespokeHR

Running a business this way means we charge differently. We charge by packages of hours or retainer programs rather than the traditional percentage fee.

Typically a recruitment agency would charge a percentage fee, typically about 12 to 15% per hire.

This translates into around $13,000 for a position whose salary is $80,000 plus super. Meaning, a business on average pays about $10,000 to $20,000 per role hiring through a recruitment agency. Keep in mind, the only thing you’re getting for that amount of money is the recruitment.

You won’t get any of the additional HR services.

In comparison, BespokeHR charges by either packs of hours (usually used for a project or problem), or our People Trailblazer Program, which is a 12-month program where I proactively work with the business to cover all things HR.

Our popular People Trailblazer Program runs approximately $1,500 a month, or about $18,000. Basically, just over the price of one recruitment role. 

And within our program, you’ll get a whole host of services from getting your business set up, putting the right templates and contracts in place, checking in on staff and getting feedback on the climate of the business, managing exit interviews to find out why people are leaving and more.

I want you to come away with an understanding of who is a good fit and who’s not for your business as well as help putting in place the right systems to help grow your business.

I typically say that within the program a business can choose to receive at least one recruitment as well as a whole bunch of other services and templates.

Keep in mind that the services are setting you up to make recruitment easier to do on your own. Also, there’s also the opportunity to buy additional hour packages, which can be purchased at a cost that is a fifth of the percentage fee.

Would you like to learn more?

It starts with a low-pressure, friendly conversation where I learn more about your needs and let you know if we are the best ones to help and are a good fit. If we are not, we work with a number of recruitment agents that we can refer you to!

If you’d like to set-up an obligation free chat, just give me a call on our direct line +61 412 393 068, to reach me by email or set up a free one-on-one consultation.


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