Your 12 step action plan to a thriving culture

So you’re ready to get started in transforming your culture. You, my friend, have come to the right place. 

Here are the stages we guide and coach you through in our 90 Day Culture Accelerator Program. 

1. Define your vision

Define your direction and what is possible for you and your team to achieve. Get razor sharp focus on what you want to achieve, so you can avoid getting distracted, or leading your team in the wrong direction.

2. Benchmark your business

Benchmark where your company stands in regards to culture and effectiveness. You’ll be equipped with the key foundations to build a solid business framework, with procedures and policy templates.

3. Your Leadership Lid

Where is your leadership lid set? How effective and capable you are as a leader, has a direct impact on the performance of your direct reports. You are the lid to your own effectiveness. This module will break down your current leadership style and help you identify where your blinds spots currently are.

4. Develop your ‘Team DNA’

In this module you’ll discover ways to get your entire team operating as high performers. Structure job roles so there is role clarity and success factors and map the gaps between where performance and skills sit, and the standard required.

5. Become an Employer of Choice

We get to the core of your employer brand, and how to start attracting top talent to your business. You’ll begin to understand how to develop a compelling pitch for selling the ‘why’ people should work for you.

6. Smart recruiting

Learn how to RECRUIT 24/7, whether you’re at the bar, or in the boardroom. Recruiting is a skill that can be developed and it’s critical to your success. Gain access to tools & templates to develop a strong attraction, recruitment, and selection process.

7. Exceptional onboarding 

So, you’ve now found the right talent, now to set them up for success! Make your employee onboarding experience memorable for all of the right reasons. Get the tools and strategies to ensure the first few weeks for your new employee gets off to a flying start.

8. Effective communication

Effective communication has the power to make or break your business. It can empower and inspire, or just one poorly navigated conversation can completely ruin a working relationship. Learn the art of influence and how to articulate your messaging.

9. Producing high performing teams

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. We show you how to monitor, boost and manage performance + productivity.

10. Personality profiling

In this module you’ll start to fully understand how to develop a long-lasting and constructive culture. Integrate your Vision and Values and align them with your employees. Learn about how to work with different personalities and behaviours, and make a start on developing your Action Plan.

11. The Culture Code

Culture is King, and now it’s time to build a world-class business. This module is immersive and will provide you with the key elements to creating a highly effective workplace culture.

12. Innovate 

Innovate or your business may quickly cease to exist. Shift or be shifted. Develop ongoing plans to ensure you not only survive but thrive. Embrace trends and emerging technology and play it to your full advantage.